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PRE-AGM 2017

PRE-AGM 2017

Pre - AGM conference at Imperial Golf view Hotel Entebbe 2017

AGM 2017

AGM 2017

Surveyors at the 2017 AGM

AGM 2017

AGM 2017

Mr. Masereje Richard, President of the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU at the Pre AGM conference at Imperial Golf View Hotel Entebbe from 28th April 2017.

Standing Committees


There are standing committees to cater for specific areas of interest of the Institution as follows:

a. Membership and education Committee

b. Disciplinary Committee

c. Publications Committee

d. Social Affairs Committee

e. Professional standards and professional development committee

Standing Commitee Membership for 2014/2015
Membership and Education Committee

1. Mr. Masereje Richard                      

2. Mr. Mugisha Allan               

3. Ms. Diana Nanziri       

4. Mr. Kaheru Phillip    (Chairperson)    

5. Mr. Tembo Chris

6. Mr. Ssengendo Ronald

7. Mr. Gonza Aloysious

8. Mr. Mukasa Tom                     

Disciplinary Committee

1. Mr. Masereje Richard (Chairperson)

2. Mr. Okia Okiiso Sam

3. Mr. Mugisha T Allan

4. Mr. Male Emmanuel

5. Mr. Nsamba Gayiiya

Publication Committee

1. Mr. Mukasa Tom (Chairperson)

2. Mr. Bukomeko Stephen

3. Mr. Wamani

4. Mr. Kagoro

5. Ms. Nambooze Florence Bbaale            

Social Affairs and public relations Committee       

1. Mr. Sam Bayo (Chairperson)

2. Mr. Mondo Davis

3. Mr. Fahad Mubiru    

4. Ms.Slyvia Nakintu

5. Mr. Musoke Gideon

Professional standards and professional development Committee   

  1. Mr. Masereje Richard (chair person)
  2. Mr. Mugisha Allan
  3. Mr. Gonza Aloysious
  4. Mr. Ssengendo Ronald
  5. Mr. Mukasa Tom

Our Partners

Ambitious Construction Company
Buganda Land Board
Buildcost Associates
Depo Uganda
Eagle surveys Ltd
Excel Construction Company
Oakar Services..
Pearl Engineering Company
ROKO Construction Limited
Suvnet (U) Ltd