Surveyors of Uganda
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PRE-AGM 2017

PRE-AGM 2017

Pre - AGM conference at Imperial Golf view Hotel Entebbe 2017

ISU Council 2018/19

ISU Council 2018/19

Council's Coutersy visit to the Commissioner Surveys and Mapping

President of the  Institution of Surveyors of Uganda

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU at the Pre AGM conference at Imperial Golf View Hotel Entebbe from 28th April 2017.

Membership Fees

Entrance Fees
The following entrance fees shall be paid by Fellows, Associate Members, Professional Members, Graduate Members, Technicians and Students:-                                                        

  1. Fellows                                     U.Shs. 200,000/=
  2. Professional members                U.Shs.180,000/=
  3. Associate Members                   U.Shs.150,000/=
  4. Graduate Members                    U.Shs.  100,000/=
  5. Technician                                U.Shs.  80,000/=

A member transferred from one class to another shall pay an amount commensurate with the new class so promoted to.

Entrance fees shall be payable within two months of election.

Annual Subscriptions fees 2017
The following annual subscriptions shall be payable by members of the institution:-

  1. Fellows                                     U.Shs. 250,000/=
  2. Professional members                U.Shs. 230,000/=
  3. Professional Associates             U.Shs. 198,000/=
  4. Graduate Members                    U.Shs.  110,000/=
  5. Technician                                 U.Shs.  90,000/=
  6. Students                                   U.Shs.  10,000/=

The Institution of Surveyors of Uganda (ISU) Council determines the fees from time to time

Where the Council does not review the fees, the same shall automatically be increased by ten percent in the following year, but the increment shall not apply to the Student Members.

Our Partners

Ambitious Construction Company
Buganda Land Board
Buildcost Associates
Depo Uganda
Eagle surveys Ltd
Excel Construction Company
Oakar Services..
Pearl Engineering Company
ROKO Construction Limited
Suvnet (U) Ltd