Isu updates to Members

Isu updates to Members

Greetings Esteemed Colleagues and Friends of the Survey Profession I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt greetings to each and every one of you. Your dedication and contributions are the driving force behind our collective achievements as professionals. We did lose colleagues in the Profession. Late Nekesa Cissy (Valuation Surveyor) and the Late Ronald Otim (Land Surveyor). We continue to mourn their loss and pray for their families. For those closest to the families of these late colleagues, you can always spare a minute on our behalf and visit to share our love. In the same spirit, I want to condole with colleagues that have lost loved ones. We continue to stand with you as a profession and pray for you as you go through the grief of loss.

I want to briefly update you on what has been happening within our professions to date.

1. As part of the AGM resolutions, we were guided by the AGM to go ahead and procure new Auditors for the Institution. I take the opportunity to report that Ardenfield Certified Public Accountants were brought onboard as our Auditors

2. We successfully held the Kaija Katuramu Memorial Event in honor of the legacy of our founding President. The event was proceeded with recording a documentary from our very Senior colleagues sharing their recollection of the Kaija Katuramu they knew. The event attracted the Family of the Late Kaija who shared their great respect for our profession to honor the legacy of their Husband, Father, Friend, almost 50 years after his brutal murder. It was also an important moment to many very senior members of the profession to see how far we have become.

3. We had a meeting with the European Union in Uganda to discuss issues of Surveyors on funded infrastructure projects as well as supporting capacity growth for Surveyors. EU has promised to include the requirements for Registered Surveyors as contract clause condition for EU funded projects.

4. We also met with SRB and held discussions on several matters of our profession including issues of APC, Supervision of Candidates, Work Experience Recording, CPD, ISU Recognition etc.

a. From the meeting and as part of the resolutions, I am now happy to report that ISU is now formally recognized by the SRB. We are no longer a “Malwa Group” as some people would infamously categorize us.

b. At the same time, we have submitted a revised CPD Policy to the Board which hopefully once adopted by SRB and subsequently turned into CPD regulations will go along way to improve continuous professional development for the profession.

c. The Fees Schedule has also been forwarded to the SRB for consideration and we are hopefully that the Board will also have this adopted.

5. We have equally held meetings jointly between ISU, SRB and Survey and Mapping Department first on the Definition of a Surveyor by SRA Viza Viz how the Ministry defines a surveyor and the need to create legal harmony in that definition. We jointly agreed that all references to Senior Surveyor should be for only RSUs. It was further agreed that a person heading Surveying at the District should be a Registered Surveyor of Uganda. This agreement created a need to support the Ministry to have most of its surveyors registered inline with the SRA. To realize this objective, a taskforce has been created headed by Principal Surveyor RSU Judith Angwech together with members from ISU and SRB to make proposals and recommendations for this initiative. Similar eorts are taking place for the Valuers and Quantity Surveyors in Government.

6. Further, as part of a deliberate eort to improve our working labor force of registered surveyors, we have been working with SRB to see that as many applications for registrations as possible are fast tracked when received. We have equally increased the frequency of our APC sittings to take care of the candidates whose applications we receive.

7. We have also aggressively extended our reach to students as part of the eorts to strengthen the profession. We congratulate many of them that turned up massively for the recently concluded international CASLE Conference.

8. Let me also use this opportunity to congratulate and thank all of us for the recently concluded CASLE Conference which was very successful. The conference attracted delegates from Nigeria (14) Including the President for Nigerian Institute of Surveyors, Malawi (10), Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Somalia including the President for CASLE, Africa Region CASLE President, AAQS President and ISK Vice President. It is important to note our shortfalls of the overwhelming numbers. While we had prepared for 200 persons who had paid by the morning of the conference, we ended up with close to 500 Guests on the day of the conference. We had to make several adjustments along the day to accommodate this number. I use this opportunity to implore members to always pay in advance to help our planning processes.

9. The CASLE event was massive in mobilizing a lot our student membership along with the wider membership. The oer to convert the conference payments into Membership fees for graduates and student members who applied let to a twofold growth increase to ISU membership. Soon we shall give a report on this particular output but generally, we managed to reach our to the students community in Universities and the conference will definitely create a lasting impression in their professional careers.

10. As regards the legal framework, Valuation Bill has been passed by the Ministry Top Management and currently sent back to Ministry of Justice for conclusion and forwarding to cabinet for approval. The Land Survey Bill is also in its current stages. The issues paper is still being developed.

Warm regards,

Alozius Gonza

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